Collaborative Reviews Made Easy

School Safety, Curriculum, Plans, Policies, People, RFPs … and More.

Your most important decisions can benefit from information, insights, and evidence gathered from your stakeholders. Our technology facilitates stakeholder reviews—quickly and efficiently—so your decisions can be informed, respected, and understood. Let us show you how collaborative reviews can work for you.

You have many important decisions to make
and people who really care about those decisions.

Make decisions that are timely, transparent, and respected by combining the power of
collaboration with the wisdom of your educators, consultants, and community.

School Safety Review

The All Hazards/Best Practices approach yields quick insights & stakeholder "confidence levels" for your current policies & practices

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Standards & Curriculum Review

Allow teachers to provide feedback about learner-specific strengths and weaknesses of standards and curriculum

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Learning Resource Reviews

Evaluate new and existing learning resources through an efficient, equitable, and emotion-free process

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Evaluate individual proposals alongside standards and related questions for fast, efficient, and collaborative feedback

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