VisdomK12: Fast, Efficient and Agile

Use VisdomK12 to include more people in conversations about important educational issues.

Create advocates while making great decisions

Bring the conversation to your participants with a cloud-based platform that makes it easy to include any number of your professionals and community members. Present items, issues, and ideas on a screen positioned next to the criteria, standards and questions you want considered.

Focus strategic meetings using interactive VoiceMaps™ that are color coded and can be explored from every perspective. Qualitative values indicate averages and frequency distribution, while the colors provide a visual representation of the strengths, weaknesses, and preferences of your participants. These visuals help you focus conversations and drill in for instant details that inform the conversation.

Keep the conversation agile and relevant with real-time dashboards that let you monitor participant progress and response stats. When combined with VisdomK12's Dialogue Manager, you get the flexibility to clarify issues and probe for additional insights while the evaluation is under way.

Here are some ways visdomk12 helps educators

Curriculum and Content Gap Analyses: Identify areas of weaknesses for different learners and use professional input to plan next steps.

Learning Resources Evaluation: Recommend learning resources for use in your classrooms or at home.

Curriculum & Material Development: Peer review new ideas and content when your own professionals are developing course material. (P.S., this is what VisdomK12 was initially created for!)

New Materials Adoption: Evaluate digital or hard copy material under consideration for a course.

Professional Development Needs Analysis: Learn from your teachers exactly where they would appreciate assistance and why.

Professional Development Course Development: Review ideas, curricula, and content for new courses.

Proposal Reviews: Plug proposals submitted for RFPs into VisdomK12 to review them against your standards.

Policies & Procedures Review and Development

Much more…